Игровые аккаунты и ключи
Товаров данного наименования у продавца $name_seller больше - нет, вы можете сообщить продавцу о необходимости пополнить товар или выбрать другой
18.10.2019 19:28:50He has gave me a banned account and a week has passed and he has not answered me yet.
Он дал мне забаненный аккаунт, прошла неделя и он мне еще не ответил.
16.10.2019 10:22:57Good
10.10.2019 8:30:48thnx
10.10.2019 8:30:18thnx
10.10.2019 8:29:36Good
10.10.2019 8:29:11good
10.10.2019 8:28:45thnx
10.10.2019 8:27:08good
07.10.2019 16:42:21Account didn’t work at first, but he was really helpful and he replaced for me and gave compensation, great seller!!
05.10.2019 8:59:31good seller
02.10.2019 10:16:41Got a uplay account without Rainbow Six Siege.
Seller provided a replacement account that is permanently banned.
Seller provided another replacement account that is permanently banned.
Seller compensated me by replacing the account with metro exodus/
02.10.2019 4:13:00Account is banned.
Got a new account from seller.
01.10.2019 23:02:21Still no usable account, no replacment that is working yet
30.09.2019 19:25:04give me a 2 stepverification account, after changing, a banded accound, and now, no willing giving me a change ,how a nice seller
30.09.2019 9:32:19very good seller
Очень хороший продавец
29.09.2019 4:49:19gave me a banned account and replaced
29.09.2019 4:04:41Very quick replacement came with some great skins
27.09.2019 17:19:41Спасибо за замену аккаунта
27.09.2019 14:31:36https://prnt.sc/pbpozm gave me a 2fa account which is unusable!! NOT TRUSTED SELLER!
2nd account he gave me was banned! https://prnt.sc/pbt5ee
3rd account he gave me banned too. still have not received what i paid for! https://prnt.sc/pbt904
4th account he gave me banned as well. Shit dont surprise me no more. https://prnt.sc/pbxfgy
26.09.2019 18:37:10gs
26.09.2019 4:29:43First account = permanent BAN.
First exchange = permanent BAN.
Second exchange = permanent BAN.
No reply from seller.
26.09.2019 4:29:03First account = permanent BAN.
First exchange = permanent BAN.
Second exchange = permanent BAN.
No reply from seller.
26.09.2019 4:25:49good product
24.09.2019 20:46:07:)
23.09.2019 14:49:00thnx
23.09.2019 8:03:34.
23.09.2019 7:14:24Very good communication :)
23.09.2019 6:12:30Replacement Account works perfect :)
20.09.2019 20:36:22good. when i talk to seller, he give me a Replacement...
17.09.2019 22:39:51Без проблем
17.09.2019 17:39:12Account works good, thank u!
17.09.2019 9:12:35thnx
17.09.2019 6:56:32Сначало неправильно потом быстренько заменили спасибо
16.09.2019 12:56:39very good seller
15.09.2019 12:01:40+rep
15.09.2019 11:11:26good id boss jjaa23
Thank you very much.
15.09.2019 11:11:22good id boss jjaa23
15.09.2019 11:11:19good id boss jjaa23
15.09.2019 11:11:15good id boss jjaa23
15.09.2019 11:11:11good id boss jjaa23
15.09.2019 11:11:08good id boss jjaa23
15.09.2019 11:11:04good id boss jjaa23
15.09.2019 7:28:45Продавец поменял аккаунт,все работает.Покупайте ребзя!
14.09.2019 17:37:09good id jjaa23
14.09.2019 17:36:49Good ID boss jjaa23
14.09.2019 17:35:38Good ID boss jjaa23
14.09.2019 17:35:17Good ID boss jjaa23
14.09.2019 17:35:06Good ID boss jjaa23
14.09.2019 16:59:01Good seller!
14.09.2019 1:29:12very good seller help me a lot